Android & IOS Wallet Creation

We will create a Hybrid Android wallet for your Blockchain Cryptocurrency. It will be lightweight  Unlike other android wallets our competitors are offering, this wallet does not require a local copy of the blockchain to work. Removing the need for the blockchain has several key benefits:

Always On: The wallet is ready when you are. No need to wait for the blockchain to catch up.
Improved Battery Life: Not having to download/verify the blockchain means greatly reduced power consumption.
Reduced Storage Needs: The entire wallet takes up 6MB of space. Other wallets can use a hundred times this amount, or more, depending on their blockchain size.
Near Zero Data Usage: Cell phone data plans are expensive! Why waste your precious data downloading the blockchain? Data usage for this wallet is very low.

Other unique features include:

Ridiculously Secure: All keys are stored on, and never leave, your device. Your wallet can also be encrypted with a password, to protect against malware and thieves.

Easy Backups: All of your private keys can be retrieved from a simple 12 word mnemonic. So, even if you lose your device, you can easily retrieve your coins.
Privacy: Transactions are broadcasted through an anonymization server, which hides your IP from prying eyes.

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Android & IOS wallet

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